How did we do? DT Edition

After releasing the initial Top 102 in January and updating the rankings in April, Deuce Recruiting wanted to assess how well our evaluations aligned with what colleges observed during Spring practice and Summer Camps.

Here are the top four ranked defensive tackles (DTs) and their prospects:

  1. Jahkeem Stewart – Standing at 6’6″ and weighing 280lbs, Stewart primarily plays on the edge. However, we believe his future lies in the interior as he transitions to the p5 level. Stewart possesses exceptional physical attributes, making him a rarity and the top-ranked DT. Notably, he is not just a large individual but also highly skilled. His talent was showcased in a recent video from LSU camp. Currently, he has received 26 offers, including ones from UGA, Bama, and Texas.
  2. Deuce Geralds – Geralds, at approximately 6’2″ and 250lbs, possesses a well-defined physique. Beyond his innate abilities, his relentless motor sets him apart. He has been unstoppable at every level thus far, evident from his remarkable performance against 7A competition in Georgia. Geralds has already garnered 32 offers, with notable interest from Bama, LSU, and Michigan.
  3. Preston “PJ” Carey – Similar to Stewart, Carey has outstanding physical attributes, measuring 6’5″ and 280lbs. He showcased his dominance in varsity ball in New York and is expected to excel further in his sophomore campaign. Carey has received 24 offers, including interest from Georgia, Texas, and LSU.
  4. James “Tank” Carrington – Carrington, an SEC DT, is explosive, well-built, and incredibly difficult to block. At 6’3″ and 275lbs, he possesses raw power and is an accomplished All American wrestler. Carrington has accumulated over 20 offers, including ones from Bama, Georgia, and Michigan.

Next up:

Bryce Perry-Wright, ranked seventh nationally as a DT, displays immense potential. Playing for the powerhouse team Buford in 7A Georgia, Perry-Wright could easily emerge as a five-star player. He has already received over 20 offers, including interest from Ohio State, Texas, and Auburn.