Mike Johnson | The Budding Superstar from Dutchtown

We caught up with Mike Johnson, the budding superstar from Dutchtown High in Georgia about his place among the the best of the best in the class of 2026 as well as talk about his current recruitment.

The September B2C Freshman Player of the Week was pretty straight forward as he pondered over the meaning and value of being named one of the best. “It feels great to be named one of the top players in the country for the class of ’26.”

On Recruiting…

You typically see some of the same names when it comes to teams standing out at this point – Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, etc. For Johnson, he has a different approach. “I really like Vanderbilt University because they have a good baseball team and a good football team, and I really like their atmosphere.” Of the guys we’ve been able to interview, Johnson was the first to name Vanderbilt.

Although the school name is different than we typically see, the values and priorities are still similar. He said, “most important for me would be how could this school get me to the next level?  And how close can we come together as a family and be victorious.”

Johnson led Dutchtown to a late state playoff run last year so while the recruiting is just getting going, he’s clearly focused just as much on his team’s success. The year is different, but the goal remains the same.  He said, “Right now during the off season, I’m focusing on baseball but I’m still going out and training with my wide receivers.”

As of the moment, there are no upcoming planned visits as he’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the baseball diamond.  The biggest question, given his extraordinary abilities, is which sport will he ultimately play. Or will he do both? Time will tell, but the Commodores have a unique starting position here if they choose to use it.