Trent Seaborn | The Eighth Grader with Nine Offers

The plan was to hold off on the 2027 class until late spring – after Spring football.  There’s just one player we can’t seem to avoid.  Whether you hear “the future” or “the phenom” chances are they’re talking about Trent Seaborn.  The 8th grader that led his varsity team, Thompson Warriors, to their fourth straight 7A championship.  It seems like there was Trevor (Lawrence) and we had to wait awhile for the heir apparent, Julian (Lewis)…already the next man up is here.

We don’t have rankings for 2027s and won’t for a little while.  We like varsity film and there are very few that have it in 8th grade.  That doesn’t mean the offer train hasn’t left the station.  Seaborn’s recruitment has taken off faster than the next rocket leaving Florida’s coast.  We caught up with him here.

Being one of the top ‘27s, how would an 8th grader stay focused on the main thing?  He focuses on his goal.  He said, “The attention has been nice but I also know it’s not my goal – my goal is to be good enough to earn a scholarship and free education in college.  And the only way to accomplish that is hard work.”

Are there any schools on top right now?  Seaborn responded, “I have nine offers now and I can’t say enough how humbled and grateful I am to those coaches and schools for giving me that recognition.  I know they’re really just a sign that they say “ok, you’re on the right path” to play for us, but I know I gotta keep working and improving if I want to make it a reality.  Every offer is special and every relationship I’m building means something so it’s hard for me to say one or another is bigger.”

But there has to be something special about one of the offers?  “They’re all special. To me the fact that these coaches are taking a chance on me in 8th grade means so much, I just want to keep grinding to prove they were right.”

What about those schools you haven’t been offered by?  Any you’re hoping to get or schools you have your eye on?  “Honestly my focus is on being the best teammate I can be and help our team win another state championship.  I know that if I do that, the other stuff will take care of itself.  I trust God had a plan for me and wherever He wants me to be is where things will work out.  He opens doors and of course I will keep praying for guidance for me and my parents on this process.”

Do you have any visits lined up for the spring or camps you’ll be attending this summer?  “Our program is so demanding it’s hard to get away for weekends – but I think I will be getting to a few camps.  Not many though because like I said my focus is on helping our team get ready for the fall and hopefully win another ring.  Georgia wants me to come out this spring and I’m really excited about that.  I’d also like to visit Auburn and Alabama since they’re so close.  There are some others but it all depends on how workouts are going with my team and whether I think it’ll be ok to get away for a weekend.”

Outside of the fanfare of recruiting, you could tell Seaborn has a real appreciation for Thompson – his coaches, teammates…the program as a whole.  Whatever path he chooses, his head is on straight, some lucky school is going to get a leader.  Call me crazy, but I imagine we might see another trophy or two before he leaves Alabaster.